4 Jewelry Loan Suggestions

Financial strain can make you feel stuck and worrisome. To alleviate that strain, your focus is likely on selling belongings, getting more income and looking for loans. Jewelry loans are attractive to many because loan services and pawn shops tend to not check credit or take days to deliberate; generally, these services simply use jewelry as collateral and return it upon payment. However, don't seek jewelry-related loans without these suggestions.

4 Ways To Pay Off Urgent Expenses

From medical and plumbing emergencies to that car part replacement you never saw coming, urgent expenses can come out of nowhere on any given day. Unless you have a rainy-day fund, these expenses can easily overwhelm your budget, and even if you do have funds for such emergencies, you can't be sure that what you have will be enough. Finding money in these circumstances can be tough. You may need to get a little creative if you're to have any hope of keeping up with these expenses.

Building Your Investment Portfolio? Why You Should Be Investing In Gold Coins

If you're looking for a solid investment for your future, now's the time to start investing in gold coins. One of the great things about investing in gold coins is that you don't need to worry about their value, or about how well the stocks will trade. Gold is a reliable investment to make year after year. Here are four simple reasons why gold coins are such a good investment.

Ten Gifts That Dad Will Love This Father's Day

Give Dad something special this Father's Day that he will love—and that he will treasure always. Ten gifts for Dad this Father's Day are: 1. The gift of gold. Give Dad some bling for his special day. Visit jewelry stores and sites or pawn-brokers to find fantastic savings on gold jewelry, bars, or coins. This is something that can increase in value based on the market, which makes it a gift that will only get better in time.

Maintenance Hints to Prevent Tarnish on Gold Plated Chains

You need to protect gold plated jewelry from tarnishing if you want to maximize its lifespan and keep it looking as good as possible. The following are five things you can do to properly maintain a gold plated chain so that it doesn't become tarnished over time:  Use acid-free paper if you need to store your jewelry with tags, cards, or other paper goods You may like to label your jewelry to store it or you may store it in a jewelry box with a paper liner.